Time Thief

How do we make time for our passions? Between working a full time job, being a full time student, and being a mother, when do I have time to paint? It’s not easy. There are days that I feel exhausted and mentally drained. There are days that I cannot formulate a sentence by the end of the night because my brain is just done. I find that my brain is firing on all pistons first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, this does nothing for my creativity because after getting myself and my kiddo ready to be presented to the world, we leave for school drop offs and work clock ins. Often, during my work day, my mind will drift off to a new idea for a painting or a sketch that I would like to be working on. I snap myself back to reality and the task at hand though. By the time my work day is finished, there is still homework, dinner, laundry, cleaning, etc. that calls my name.

All I want to do is create! So what’s the solution? I steal. I steal time away from the laundry or the cleaning. I ignore a phone call or a text message, and I don’t feel guilty about it. My art is my stress reliever, my therapy, my joy, my job, and my love. I have to make time for it. There is no other option for me. Goals do not accomplish themselves and dreams do not randomly come true. Behind every success is hard work and time right? The most precious gift we can give someone is our time. So why not treat yourself with the gift of time? Take the time to do something you love and create joy in your life.

It’s okay to be a time thief when it’s your own time bank you’re stealing from.

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