Getting Through a Block

We've all heard of writer's block. It's that moment where you sit down in front of the computer ready to type out a novel yet nothing happens. You end up staring at a blank screen for an hour before you finally give up and retire the idea of being productive in exchange for a new Netflix show. Ugh. You didn't even see it coming; the dreaded BLOCK. Creatives across all platforms will experience a block at some point. No matter how hard we try to squeeze out something amazing, it just doesn't work. Maybe you're tired, or uninspired. Whatever the reason, we need to recognize that in these moments our brains are telling us to recharge and rejuvenate our senses.

I have learned to recognize my blocks and take them for what they are. To me, they are mental breaks. They give me time to step away from my art and focus on another area in my life. At first, I became frustrated when I sat there with a pencil or paintbrush in hand and nothing of any decency manifested itself onto my canvas. I began to wallow in thoughts of self-doubt and feelings of discouragement. I began to feel guilty for not working on my craft. How am I supposed to accomplish any of my goals if I can't even muster enough creativity or patience to finish a painting? However, after taking an inventory of my body of work, I realized that most of my favorite, stand-out pieces have come after surrendering to the block and letting it run the course. I come back to my canvas feeling refreshed and motivated.

My advice to fellow creatives is to acknowledge the block and yield to it. Let it serve a purpose. You'll be back to creating in no time!

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