What's your style?

Often when someone asks "What kind of art do you make?", I freeze a little before rattling off a slew of miscellaneous examples of paintings that I have created in the past. I find it difficult to explain my style in one or two words. It should be as simple as stating "I'm a portrait painter", or "I paint animals". For me, it's not that easy.

When looking at the works of other artists, I can easily recognize that artist by their 'style'. I would like to say the same applies to my body of work even though my subject matter can vary greatly. I hate to be categorized and put into a box because I see art as an exploration of creativity. That journey can lead to many different outcomes. I have been told to find something that you are good at and to stick with it in order to perfect that craft. I have also been told that it is important to learn new techniques and styles because that is what makes you a strong artist.

So how do I develop my style if I am constantly trying new ones and finding inspiration in so many different things? Maybe I don't, and I'm okay with that for now. At this stage in my artistic adventure, I'm okay with not nailing down a specific, recognizable style and I find comfort knowing that my next painting may be random and out of the ordinary for me. This is how I have created some of my favorite pieces.

What's your style? How did you recognize when you found your style? Is it okay to not have a style?

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